Our Services

Government Relations, Legislative Advocacy and Lobbying Services

  • Schedule meetings with legislators, departmental or Governor’s office staff.
  • Develop and distribute policy positions.
  • Become knowledgeable on each client’s issues and lobby issues alone or with designees of its clients.
  • Develop legislative, grassroots and/or political strategy.

Regulatory Affairs

  • Provide counsel on a wide range of regulatory concerns.
  • Participate in the rulemaking process by drafting comments as well as developing and giving testimony.
  • Promote interagency cooperation to advance your priorities.

Strategic Planning and Management

  • Identify factors that enhance or impede competitiveness.
  • Create well-defined action plans that advance your initiatives.
  • Employ tools such as Political Action Committee (PAC) counseling, coalition-building, issue profiling and third-party support.
  • Assess the political climate in order to anticipate what is going on before it happens and monitor who may be involved.
  • Filter information that may seem unrelated to issues at hand and offer intuitive intelligence and analysis for clients.

Public Relations

  • Coordinate media relations, coalition building and grassroots activities to support your lobbying and public affairs efforts.
  • Assist in the crafting, executing and managing of one or more public relations campaigns.
  • Develop and manage purposeful strategic messaging.

About Association Management

The Advocacy and Management Group (AMG) prides itself in innovative management, in an environment where you can enjoy the cost savings of shared resources, and members feel they are our sole client. In other words, our associations don’t get “lost in the shuffle” with other groups we manage. We also think outside the box, and develop new ideas that will grow your society.

We invite you to talk with our association clients, especially those who transitioned from a “stand alone” management team to AMG’s contract association management. They will tell you that not only did we maintain their existing services, we added much more and saved them significantly. They no longer have to cover employee salaries, benefits, rent, office equipment, utilities, etc. Those are covered as part of the global management fee.

We also offer the unique ability to lobby state government – or manage your current lobbyist – combining this critical association role as part of the entire management package.

In our capacity as association managers, the following services can be provided in full or in part based upon your needs:

Our Association Management Services

Executive Association Management

  • Work closely with leadership and staff to ensure a smooth transition to our offices, directly across the street from the Trenton Statehouse.
  • Provide complete financial management, including managing the accounts payable and receivable; providing easy to understand reports and briefings to the Treasurer and Board; maintain local bank accounts, manage investment accounts; work with outside auditor on reviews and tax returns. Create and oversee credit card and Internet transaction capabilities for meeting registration and membership dues.
  • Perform all services for regular Board of Directors and other committee meetings, including meeting notices, minutes, agendas, materials, etc. Senior staff would be present at all Board meetings, and assist the President as he/she chairs the meeting.
  • Implement exhaustive Annual Dues and Membership Campaigns including maintaining the member database and aggressively market to non-members; effectively manage the dues invoicing and receipt process. Provide regular reports to the Board on current, prospective and delinquent members.

Internal and External Communications

  • Provide personalized phone services, fax lines and mailing addresses. Manage your archives, stationery, publications, files and correspondence.
  • Manage the website and email list servers to provide timely updates and information.
  • Coordinate all aspects of educational programs, including budget, speakers, CME, promotional materials, grant applications, registration, handouts, A/V, exhibits, site logistics, post event follow-up and evaluation. We pride ourselves in significant revenue increases, while boosting the energy and attendance.
  • Produce chapter communications, including monthly newsletters, and other materials, as required.

General Association Administration

  • If AMG is not your registered legislative agent, we can monitor and manage your lobbyist, to ensure proactive and energetic outreach to the legislators and administration officials on your behalf. Effective lobbying is not simply reporting on activities in the Statehouse, but initiating bills, opportunities to speak before the Legislature and Administration, and being present at any and all forums where your issues are discussed.
  • Manage the Political Action Committee, including solicitation, all reporting to the State and the PAC Board, working with the lobbyist/leadership to develop a contribution strategy, and coordinating attendance at PAC-supported events.
  • Participate with your national associations in annual meetings or opportunities to network with other state executives.

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